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Let Lockwood Flooring and Oshkosh Designs help create a home that’s uniquely you.

Oshkosh Designs demonstrates its commitment to superior craftsmanship and exceptional
customer service by making every product in their line completely customizable.

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Oshkosh Designs Wood Inlay Borders for Home and Home Office

Add a hardwood floor border from Oshkosh Designs to your home for a unique look and unparalleled style. Our artisans have been designing and handcrafting wooden floor borders for many years, creating the most beautiful flooring products available. You can also create a floor border that is unique to your space and application by customizing your order. You select the thickness, color, type of wood and more! Contact our flooring experts today to discuss how a wood flooring border accent from Oshkosh Designs can elevate the style of your home!

Oshkosh Designs Inlaid Wood Medallions for Home and Home Office

Wood medallions make striking, memorable floor accents! Medallions can be crafted in a variety of hardwoods, giving one the ability to coordinate with the other natural tones and materials in the space. Wood floor medallions are available pre-finished or unfinished and can be installed in new or existing hardwood floors from 5/16″ to 3/4″ thick. Wood medallions are designed to provide a distinctive floor design element for new construction, remodeling or restoration projects.

Oshkosh Designs Residential Wood Parquet Flooring

Wood parquet floors are a timeless option that brings warmth and character to any space. Stunning parquet wood tile designs range from simple to complex geometric patterns. Wooden floor tiles offer a level of visual appeal that cannot be achieved with traditional strip flooring boards. Although parquetry has a rich history dating back to the 17th century, it remains popular today and can be found in many modern homes throughout the world. Parquet flooring is the original artistic flooring. Check out their flooring gallery for examples and inspiration!

Oshkosh Designs Residential Wood Border Inlay Corners

Any flooring project with Oshkosh Designs can be tailored to fit your home. Browse their selection of wood flooring corners and border options today! THey offer a variety of distinctive patterns, designs, wood species, colors and more that you can customize to make your floor corners unique. Contact our flooring design experts today to place an order or to discuss your custom project and needs! Your amazing home is just one phone call away.

Oshkosh Designs Wood Parquet Walls for Home and Home Office

When you add wood wall accents to your home, you are sure to spark conversations! Parquet isn’t just for floors anymore; Oshkosh Design’s custom wooden wall panels and intricate 3D wood wall designs will enhance your home’s style and provide the uniqueness and appeal you crave. Oshkosh Design’s easy to install, modern wood wall paneling is available in a wide variety of styles. Additionally, all their products are fully customizable! Choose from a variety of patterns and materials, and achieve the exact, unique look you desire. 

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Oshkosh Green Compliance and Declaration Documents

Oshkosh Designs is committed to environmental stewardship. We are proud that our manufacturing plant is a 100% zero-waste facility. We utilize every scrap of material we bring in and even collect sawdust for use by local farmers in and around Winneconne, Wisconsin.

All of our lumber is purchased from FSC-certified suppliers. Our inlay wear-layers are 5/16″ thick, which allows us to conserve hardwood while providing more than enough workable surface if refinishing is required. We utilize a water-based pre-finish to minimize VOC emissions, both for the benefit of our customers and the environment, and all of our products are CARB compliant. Additionally, we use 85% post-consumer waste glass, and incorporate reclaimed materials whenever requested.

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