Lockwood Flooring Sells Commercial Flooring
Through Its Network of Commercial Dealers

Providing an array of services to the flooring community, from idea cultivation to planning, scheduling, site analysis, product selection and installer recommendations.

Commercial Flooring Products

Deciding to work with Lockwood is an important step in the success of your commercial flooring project. As a commercial flooring distributor, Lockwood Flooring makes sure that all the commercial flooring and flooring products we sell come directly from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. This is important to you and your company because your clients trust that you will only recommend and sell the best.

Lockwood Flooring is committed to the commercial flooring market. We are also committed to the commercial flooring professionals that make up our customers. This commitment extends to making sure we are current on all commercial flooring products, trends and technologies. New products, like Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and waterproof vinyl continue to secure market share in commercial flooring installations.  Recently Solid Polymer Core (SPC) and Expanded Polymer Core (WPC) have made an appearance. Each of these technologies brings new features and benefits. Together we can find the right flooring solution for your particular application. Our web site contains technical data sheets, installation instructions and care and maintenance documents for most of the products we sell.

Commercial Flooring Services

Lockwood Flooring maintains a strong working relationship with all its vendors and manufacturers. We believe, the best way to provide our customers with the services they deserve, is to truly know and understand the products we sell. To that end, our staff routinely attends workshops and seminars to keep on top of what’s new. In addition we also host and sponsor workshops for our customers. We believe that the more knowledgeable you become, the more you will understand why partnering with Lockwood Flooring is the best decision for you and your customers.

Our staff is also available to help with writing bids, recommending products and helping in the planning stages. We can even help you find the right installer for your new floor. Once the floor is in, we will continue to be here, providing the right care and maintenance products and to answer any questions that might arise. We want to be your partner in success on this floor and every floor in your future.

In addition to flooring professionals, we work with commercial property owners, developers, architects and interior designers. Explore the products we have or drill down on them in our digital library. When you are ready to get started, click any of the “Let’s Get Started” buttons throughout the site. Fill out the form and submit it. A Lockwood professional will contact you to discuss your flooring needs.

FDG Green Product Compliance Logo

FDG Green represents our efforts to help installers, architects, designers, homeowners and flooring contractors achieve their goals of building cleaner, healthier working and living spaces. It also represents our goals of supporting a cleaner environment and responsible manufacturing. Click here to explore green flooring options.

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