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Pallmann Subfloor Preparation Products for Wood Floors

Pallmann Sub-floor Preparation

  • Primers/Moisture Vapor Retarders
  • Leveling Compounds
  • Subfloor Installation Tools

Product Lines include:


PALLMANN P25 – Self-leveling, rapid setting underlayment and smoothing compound with Level Plus Effect designed for wood floor installations.


PALLMANN P104 – 1-component reaction resin rapid primer for wood flooring installations.
PALLMANN P106 – 1-component dispersion primer for self-leveling compound.
PALLMANN P108 – 2-component epoxy resin primer and moisture vapor retarder product for concrete substrates with high residual moisture.

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Pallmann P5 Adhesive for Wood Flooring Applications

Pallmann Adhesives

  • Hardwood Flooring Adhesives
  • Specialty Adhesives
  • Adhesive Accessories

Product Lines Include:

Wood Floor Adhesives:

PALLMANN P5 – Solvent and water-free, flexible STP hybrid-adhesive for wood flooring.
PALLMANN P7 – Solvent and water-free, 1-component fast-setting wood floor adhesive.

Specialty Adhesives:

PALLMANN P13 – Tongue & Groove Adhesive.
PALLMANN P17 – 1K PU hollow spot repair adhesive

Adhesive Accessories:

CLEAN BOX – Highly effective, citrus-based cleaning wipes for removal of adhesive residues on wear surfaces, hands and tools.

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Pallmann Magic Oil 2K Surface Treatment for Raw Wood Floors

Pallmann Surface Treatments

  • Filler
  • Recoat Adhesion
  • Sealers
  • Waterborne Finishes
  • Magic Oil 2K
  • Finish Accessories
  • Application Accessories

Product Lines Include:


PALL-X KITT – Water-based joint filler compound for wood floors.

Re-coat Adhesion:

PALL-X BOND – PALLMANN Pall-X Bond Re-coat Adhesion System is a 2-component waterborne bonding agent for recoating factory pre-finished or site finished wood flooring.


PALL-X CLEAR – Waterborne, 1-component sealer ideal for use on lighter color species or where a clear, natural look is desired.
PALL-X COLOR – Waterborne, 1-component sealer ideal for use where color enhancement of wood floor is desired and on stained floors.

Water Borne Finishes:

PALL-X 96 NEXGEN – Waterborne 1-component hardwood floor finish for residential and light commercial application.
PALL-X GOLD – A 2-component waterborne hardwood floor finish with unmatched durability and chemical resistance. It is ideal for high-wear commercial and residential applications.
PALL-X POWER – Waterborne hardwood floor finish for commercial or residential application.

Magic Oil 2K:

PALLMANN® MAGIC OIL 2K is a 2-component hardened oil, penetrating finish for residential and commercial applications. It provides a velvety, matte finish that repels dirt and water and gives the floor a rich, European hand rubbed appearance. Magic Oil 2K Product Brochure – Be Inspired

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Pallmann Magic Oil Clean N Prep Application

Pallmann Hardwood Floor Care

Product Lines Include:

CLEAN STRONG – Super cleaner for recoat preparation. Clean Strong Brochure

PALLMANN HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANER – General purpose wood floor cleaner (concentrate available)

PALLMANN Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit

MAGIC OIL CARE – Formulated for periodic maintenance of hardwood floors finished with PALLMANN® MAGIC OIL 2K. Magic Oil Floor Care Brochure

MAGIC OIL CLEAN N PREP – Deep cleaner for use in preparation of re-application of PALLMANN® MAGIC OIL 2K.

Pallmann Micro Fiber Cleaning Pad

Pallmann Micro Fiber Dust Pad

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Pallmann Cobra 8" Belt Sander for Hardwood Floors

Pallmann Sanding Machines and Dust Control

  • Dust Containment Systems
  • Sanders
  • Machine Accessories
  • Hardwood Installation Tools

Product Lines Include:

Dust Containment:

Pallmann HEPA Vac – The lightweight maneuverable design allows for ease of use on job-sites and the commercial grade HEPA filter provides the dust containment that your customers demand.

Pallmann Pre-Separator – Powerful pre-separator that filters out large amounts of coarse dirt and fine dust before vacuuming.

Sanding Machines:

GECKO STAR 2.0 115V –  Wood Floor Sanding Edger USA #67301 Gecko Star 2.0 Sales Brochure

GECKO STAR 2.0 (R) 115V – Wood Floor Sanding Edger USA #83668

COBRA –  8” Belt Sander  Cobra Sales Brochure

COBRA II – 8” Belt Sander Cobra II Sales Brochure

KING COBRA – 10” Belt Sander King Cobra Sales Brochure

PALLMANN SPIDER – planetary gearing drive sanding machine

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