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Unfinished Wood Flooring – Oak, Maple, Hickory, Ash and More

American made, solid, hardwood flooring. A tradition dating back to before the founding of this country. Lockwood Flooring buys unfinished hardwood flooring from mills located across this great nation. Some of these mills have been in operation for more than 100 years. Often these mills are the largest employer in the communities where they are located and it is common to find that these mills have employed family members down to the 4th or 5th generation. Flooring from these mills is made with pride and ends up in the finest homes and businesses. If you are looking for flooring that is made from a sustainable source, beautiful, healthy, long lasting and a floor that gathers character as it ages, you are in the right place.

Did you know?…

Did you know that the forest products industry is at the forefront of the green movement? Each year these companies, through their membership and involvement in the various environmental organizations, fund research into the best way to both economically and ecologically harvest the lumber we need. These efforts have lead to agreed upon best practices that allow the industry to thrive while at the same time actually benefiting our environment. Wood is the original renewable resource.

Your investment in wood flooring not only benefits the environment, it benefits you, your health and your pocketbook as well.  The service life of a quality, well maintained, wood floor can be 80 to 100 years.  Wood is the natural choice.

Lockwood / FDG believes strongly in supporting those companies that have made a commitment to a better environment.  To that end you will find resources throughout our web site to help you identify those companies that seek to provide a better world to future generations.

Let Lockwood Flooring help you with your real hardwood flooring project.

Pallet of Buchanan Hardwoods unfinished hardwood flooring

Buchanan Hardwood – Unfinished Wood Flooring

“While Buchanan buys hardwood logs and timber on the open market, one unique aspect of our operation is that we own and/or manage over 100,000 acres of timberland throughout the South. We are a leader in the conservation movement. Members of our staff have served as past chairmen of the Alabama Forestry Commission that prescribes Alabama’s Best Management Practices for Forestry. In fact, we typically plant between 500,000 and 2 million seedlings each year. That is good news for the future.” ~ Buchanan Hardwood

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Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer - Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc.

Indiana Flooring Specialties – Unfinished Wood Flooring

“Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc. is located 50 miles south of Indianapolis, IN.  Our privately owned and operated business has been in operation since 1980. We take pride in the quality of the wood flooring we manufacture, offering high end products produced by a workforce with an average of 10 plus years experience here at Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc. not including prior woodworking experience.  This combined woodworking expertise ensures our customers a consistent product.” ~ Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc.

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Oak Crest Lumber, Hardwood Flooring History

Oakcrest Lumber Co. – Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

“Currently developing into the 4th generation of the lumber industry, the Weaver family legacy started with John Weaver who purchased his first shingle mill in 1904 at the age of 14 years old. He can be seen in the picture in the background on the far left. .” ~ Oakcrest Lumber Co.

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Smith Flooring - Solid Wood Flooring

Smith Flooring – Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

“Smith Flooring is a family company now in its third generation of family ownership. With deep roots in the Missouri forest products industry, our history goes way back to the 1920s.  Smith Flooring is the epitome of a family-owned enterprise, but the company’s notion of what all is included in the term “family” goes well beyond just the blood relatives. Since the outset, Smith Flooring has considered all its employees, and even the community at large, part of their extended family.” ~ Smith Flooring

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McClain Forest Products, Springcreek Flooring Manufacturing Plants

Springcreek Flooring – Unfinished Wood Flooring

“After serving six years in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper, Hugh McClain spent the first 10 years of his business career in the poultry industry as a sales manager for a national feed company in Iowa and Missouri. Hugh returned to Arkansas and began producing turkeys in 1970. This was the beginning of McClain Farms. McClain Farms purchased wood shavings for poultry bedding from a company in Alton, Missouri. McClain purchased the company in 1996. McClain built a new receiving, drying and processing yard in Alton, then in 2005 purchased a flooring manufacturing plant in Koshkonong, Missouri. In May of 2010, McClain acquired the hardwood lumber operations of the North Pacific Group. After merging the two operations, the company changed its name to McClain Forest Products, LLC.” ~ McClain Forest Products, Springcreek Flooring

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National Wood Flooring Association Member (NWFA) Logo

NWFA – Wood Floor Resources

Many wood floor manufacturers, including those listed on this page, are members of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). As the recognized representative for the wood flooring industry, the NWFA offers industry-accepted standards, accessible resources, and highly skilled instructors to lead hands-on training events.

Request NWFA documents:

  • Real Wood. Real Life. – The Homeowner’s Handbook to Real Wood Floors
  • Wood Species Used in Wood Flooring
  • Grading Guidelines for Solid Unfinished Wood Flooring
  • Moisture and Wood Technical Publication
  • Problems Causes and Cures of Hardwood Floors
  • Maintenance and Recoating of Hardwood Floors


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